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Thinking about commercializing your lab’s technology? LVG's I-Corps program can help!

What is I-Corps?

The U.S. National Science Foundation’s Innovation Corps (I-Corps™) is an immersive program for University researchers translating discoveries and inventions into impact.

Researchers see their technologies through an entrepreneurial lens and build the framework to accelerate the economic and societal benefits of their work.

The program is now widely replicated across the U.S. and internationally and shown to support:

1. Training an effective entrepreneurial workforce

2. Translating technologies

3. Enabling positive economic impact

4. Nurturing an innovation ecosystem

At LVG, our team works with researchers and creators on a discovery process identifying the market needs for their technology.

Through this experiential education that seeks insights beyond the walls of the University, participants reduce risks associated with translating their technology.

Whether the outcome is launching a new startup company or becoming a more effective collaborator for a licensing partner, I-Corps can help optimize the path towards commercialization.

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