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Launching UVA ideas into the marketplace

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We work with creators to discover an innovation’s smartest path to impact.



We navigate the legal and patenting process to protect ideas developed at UVA.



We connect and promote innovations to our partners and industry.



We provide resources and expertise to support the entrepreneurial and investment process


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Launching UVA Ideas Into the Marketplace

Engage Early and Often

At LVG, we’re intimately connected to all research activity at the University. We help identify commercial applications for research ideas and then bring them to the marketplace.

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Engagement Request Form

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Tap Resources and Network

Our licensing team has established relationships with third-party industry partners who assess UVA developed technologies and share feedback to drive further development of inventions. LVG shares this information openly with faculty to ensure their invention addresses a real market need.

LVG also has long-standing partnerships with translational research funds to connect faculty with applicable funding resources to advance high-impact research. 

License and Launch

LVG facilitates license agreements with third-party industry partners and works with faculty to find the right licensee for each invention. We model potential deals and negotiate an agreement. The result is a license, which can be preceded by an option that leads to a license, and includes financial parameters and commercialization requirements.

LVG is the central hub for the creation of all startup companies based on UVA intellectual property. Our office serves as the entry point for UVA faculty who are curious about how to launch a new venture. Our team of licensing, business, and legal professionals creates connections for faculty to resources and expertise that steward the creation of UVA startups. 

We’re here to help guide you to your next venture opportunity.

UVA LVG Seed Fund

The Fund supports new ventures emerging from the University portfolio.

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