Licensing & Ventures Group

UVA Translational Research Funds

The Licensing & Ventures Group plays an integral role in UVA’s sophisticated translational research infrastructure.

Translational research involves moving knowledge and discovery gained from the basic sciences to its application in clinical and community settings. 

UVA has three ongoing philanthropically funded translational research programs that support biomedical innovation. While each fund has different parameters and oversight, all proposals are evaluated based on their potential path to delivering improvements in healthcare.

Across the three programs:

  • 95+ total transactions
  • 144+ total applications
  • 216+ total issued patents

Coulter Translational Research Project

  • Year Founded: 2006
  • Applications: 215+
  • Projects Funded: 85+

The mission of the Coulter Translational Partnership program is to promote, develop, and support translational research collaborations between biomedical engineers and clinicians in order to accelerate the successful translation of appropriate innovations to improve patient care. 

The Coulter program cultivates, evaluates and funds promising translational projects with the goal of moving innovative technologies to clinical application through commercialization. Projects are supported and mentored by a team of professionals that provide the additional guidance and expertise necessary to reach a successful commercial endpoint. This program was endowed by the Coulter Foundation for $10MM and matched by UVA.

Ivy Biomedical Innovation Fund

  • Year Founded: 2008
  • Applications: 215+
  • Projects Funded: 85+

The Biomedical Innovation Fund was created by The Ivy Foundation to support biomedical innovation and translational research projects. The goal of this program is to support research projects that address unmet clinical needs and lead to improvements in health care. Examples of desirable outcomes include improved diagnosis and treatment of disease through inventions and patents, commercial products, commercial partnerships, licenses and start-up companies. Funding is from the Ivy Foundation and the School of Medicine.

COVID-19 Translational Research Funds

The global COVID-19 pandemic also spurred the creation of two additional UVA translational research funds.