Licensing & Ventures Group

TeGrex Technologies

Year Founded: 2003

James P. Landers, Ph.D.

Acquired by MicroGem

The 'pinwheel effect' was discovered in 2009 as a unique phenomenon occurring between nucleic acids and magnetic particles exposed to a rotating magnetic field. The resultant aggregation was visually striking (see video below), even to the naked eye, and presented the potential for the first label-free, visual detection method for DNA with illimitable applications. The effect, involving the envelopment of the beads by DNA, can be induced under a variety of conditions to provide information, either generic or sequence-specific, about the sample DNA. Supported by a solid patent portfolio, TeGrex Technologies focuses on the development of a nucleic acid testing (NAT) platform that will span biomedical research, clinical diagnostics, point-of-care testing and global health.