Neoantigenics, LLC

Neoantigenics, LLC is a Charlottesville-based, early-stage biotechnology company founded on the novel discoveries of Dr. John Herr at the UVa School of Medicine around oocyte (egg)-associated cancer neoantigens. These neoantigens are uniquely expressed in a wide range of urogenital tract cancers – ovarian, uterine, bladder and renal cancers – as well as certain other solid cancers such as aggressive stages of pancreatic cancer and many head-and-neck cancers. The Company’s mission is develop oncology theranostics (therapeutic plus diagnostic) products, which aligns with industry trends to develop molecularly-targeted biotherapeutics in concert with companion diagnostics and imaging agents, to bring to market personalized cancer therapy solutions.

UVA Founders: John C. Herr, Ph.D.