Licensing & Ventures Group

HKL Research Inc.

Year Founded: 1999

Wladek Minor


310 Old Ivy Way

Suite #301

Charlottesville, VA 22903


HKL Research, Inc. licenses and supports the HKL-2000 and the HKL-3000 software widely used in structural biology.

The flagship software, HKL-2000, has been used by over 100 pharmaceutical companies and over 1200 academic, governmental, and non-profit institutions. The software is also available at many synchrotron beam lines. The paper describing this software has over 30,000 citations in leading scientific journals and is 23rd among the top 100 most frequently cited scientific papers of all time. It has been reported to be used in the structure determination process in over 50% of all X-ray crystallography structures deposited to the Protein Data Bank (PDB). 

The HKL-3000 software combines all functions of the HKL-2000 program with a number of other macromolecular crystallographic computer programs: CCP4 suite, the ARP/wARP suite, the SHELX-97 suite, the SOLVE/RESOLVE suite, Coot, PyMOL and Buccaneer. Over 550 published papers reported the use of HKL-3000.