Licensing & Ventures Group

Everactive (PsiKick, Inc.)

Year Founded: 2013

Brendan Richardson, Dr. Benton Calhoun, Dr. David Wentzloff


921 2nd Street SE

Charlottesville, Virginia 22902


Everactive is a deep technology company whose origins stretch back over a decade to the pioneering ultra-low-power circuit research of our co-founders at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Upon receiving their doctorates, each took teaching positions at their respective alma maters—the University of Virginia and the University of Michigan. After several years of incubation and several groundbreaking proof points, the technology was licensed out of those two universities; Everactive was born.

 The core circuit design and wireless communication IP has served as the building block for Everactive’s self-powered, batteryless systems. The company has since added all of the requisite pieces—cloud software, data analytics, systems expertise, and industrial design—to develop a complete end-to-end sensing solution. Now, with the technology fully commercialized, Everactive continues to innovate with a suite of industrial sensing products focused on delivering critical insights that are simply not possible with battery-powered devices.