Cavion (formerly Tau Therapeutics LLC) is a clinical stage pharmaceutical company committed to providing patients with therapies for neurologic diseases and cancer through the development of drugs that selectively inhibit the T-type calcium channel (Cav3).

Built on the discovery by Cavion’s founders that ion channels are a target for the treatment of solid tumor cancers, we were the first company to invent therapies engaging Cav3 for the treatment of solid tumors. The innovative idea of treating pathologically proliferating, non-electrically excitable cells by targeting an ion  channel has already shown success in preclinical studies and is being tested in Phase 1 safety and dose-finding clinical trials in brain cancer. Our technology is intended to magnify the effects of combined chemotherapy, radiation, and targeted therapies for all solid tumor cancers.

Our neurology program uses superior chemistry and clinical expertise to deliver a novel class of drugs that will provide patients with treatments for neurologic diseases. While Cav3 is an established target in neurology, particularly neuropathic pain, Cavion is working to bring the first non-addictive, non-opioid T-type calcium channel antagonist to patients with neuropathic pain. Given that Cav3 plays a role in numerous pathologic conditions, Cavion is simultaneously developing therapies for additional neurologic afflictions such as essential tremor, Parkinson’s disease, epilepsy, and Angelman syndrome.

Est. 2003

UVA Founders: Timothy L. Macdonald, Ph.D. Dr. Lloyd Gray, Andrew J. Krouse