Licensing & Ventures Group

BeHealth Solutions, LLC

Year Founded: 2011 | Year Acquired: 2019

Lee M. Ritterband, Ph.D. and Frances P. Thorndike, Ph.D.


375 Greenbrier Drive

Charlottesville, VA 22901

In July 2019, Pear Therapeutics acquired BeHealth's license for the SHUTi technology and announced the FDA submission for the digital therapeutic under the name SOMRYST in March 2020.

Digital health solutions that expand access to affordable and effective behavioral health care.

We’ve been creating successful behavioral e-health programs with an expertise in both software development and behavioral health. We deliver interactive, personalized cognitive and behavioral change strategies through the Internet and mobile devices.

These fully self-guided programs utilize proven face-to-face therapy techniques, combined with graphics, animations, interactions, audio, and video to engage and encourage users.

Our proprietary technology platform was developed with over $5M in grant funding and has been rigorously tested by successful implementation in 16 research programs.