Licensing & Ventures Group

Adult Medical Predictive Devices & Diagnostics Displays (AMP3D)

Year Founded: 2014

J. Randall Moorman, M.D.


108 2nd Street SW,

Suite 16,

Charlottesville, VA 22902


Advanced Medical Predictive Devices, Diagnostics And Displays, Inc. (AMP3D) has developed a platform for analytics and displays that makes sense of “Big Data” in health care. AMP3D at a glance enables earlier intervention and better outcomes by predicting potentially catastrophic events like emergent intubation, hemorrhage, and severe sepsis that can quadruple mortality and increase lengths-of-stay by more 9 days on average. AMP3D will use demonstrable return-on-investment to sell its platform as a service on a value-based pricing basis, aimed directly at quality measures and performance standards that impact reimbursement and payment. A 20% reduction in emergent intubations at a single medical ICU, for example, can save $600,000 annually; the addressable overall market opportunity for the in-patient market alone is in the billions of dollars.