Adult Medical Predictive Devices & Diagnostics Displays (AMP3D)

AMP3D analyzes big data and predict potentially catastrophic illness:

  • SaaS platform makes sense of “Big Data” in health care in real time.
  • Immediately enables earlier intervention and better outcomes by using “signatures” of respiratory and cardiovascular instability to predict potentially catastrophic events.
  • Predicts critical illness—like respiratory decompensation leading to emergent intubation, hemorrhage, and severe sepsis—that can quadruple mortality and increase lengths-of-stay by 9 days on average.
  • Processes physiological monitoring and EHR data via patented algorithms, and displays results in an actionable, intuitive, and mobile-ready format called CoMET® (Continuous Monitoring of Event Trajectories).
  • Growing database of 100+ TB of monitoring data for clinician-adjudicated events comprising 10,000 patients and 1,000 cases of sepsis, bleeding, and intubation.
  • Can install CoMET in under 24 hours—without new networks or sensors—using a single, real-time interface across wall monitors, desktops, and mobile devices.
  • MedTech Innovator semi-finalist, ranked 6th among 325 competitors globally at AdvaMed 2015, and received a Becton Dickinson Mentor Award.