UVA LVG Seed Fund Portfolio

Mission Secure

Mission Secure creates cybersecurity solutions that not only make systems more complex and costly to attack, but also take corrective action against cyber-attacks in software. 

Seed Fund Investment: July 2017

Year Founded: 2014

UVA Founder: Barry Horowitz, Ph.D.



August 2017 - Mission Secure Completes Fourth Successful Financing

July 2017 - Patent Awarded for MSi Platform


Discovered by UVA Professor of Cell Biology and Ophthalmology Dr. Gordon Laurie, TearSolutions' first-in-class therapy is a synthetic form of the protein lacritin which targets the root causes of dry-eye disease. 

Seed Fund Investment: January 2017

Year Founded: 2013

UVA Founder: Gordon W. Laurie, Ph.D.



December 2017 - Charlottesville startup gets $8.5 million via Tech/Carilion venture group, Russian company

August 2017 - Dry Eye Deserves Attention

March 2017 - Novel topical peptide for dry eye tackles underlying cause of disease

January 2017 - New Dry Eye Drug is First That Aims to Treat Cause, Rather than Symptoms

January 2017 - Un-dry those eyes: New solutions to treat dry eye disease are progressing successfully

December 2015 - Tears of Joy: UVA Start-up Seeks to Bring New Eye Therapy to Millions

TypeZero Technologies, Inc.

Digital health and personalized medicine company dedicated to revolutionizing the treatment and management of type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

Seed Fund Investment: May 2016

Year Founded: 2015

UVA Founder: Boris P. Kovatchev, Ph.D.



Unafraid to Ask More: Diabetes