LVG Seed Fund

The LVG Seed Fund supports new ventures emerging from the UVA research portfolio. Managed by the UVA Licensing & Ventures Group, the $10 million LVG Seed Fund is uniquely positioned to assess new ventures created from UVA research ideas and discoveries. The investment team works closely with the licensing professionals to identify opportunities, and are governed by an oversight committee comprised of leaders in early-stage investing and startup development who are all UVA alumni. Investments from this fund are typically joined by other investors in each respective industry. Since the LVG Seed Fund supports UVA technologies, its portfolio spans several industries including cybersecurity and medical devices.

November 2015 | New Seed Fund to Speed UVA Innovation and Research to Market

September 2016 | Licensing & Ventures Group Hire Seed Fund Director to Shepherd UVA Innovations


Our evaluation of investment opportunities follows an industry-proven diligence process that begins with our online application. The timeline varies on a case-by-case basis and can take up to 9 months to reach an investment decision.

Companies eligible to receive funding from the LVG Seed Fund include:

  • Companies founded to commercialize UVA intellectual property
  • Companies founded by current UVA faculty, staff, students, and iLab companies
  • In certain cases, alumni-founded companies may be considered

Investment Committee

An independent Seed Fund Committee comprised of leaders in early-stage investing and startup development who are all UVA alumni oversee each investment decision.

Apply for Funding

Applicants must submit a presentation slide deck outlining:

  • The problem being solved
  • The market opportunity and competition
  • The technology/product/solution and its uniqueness
  • The competition and how this technology/product/solution compares
  • Financial model/milestones
  • The current management and research team
  • Level of funding needed and how the funds will be utilized