Brian A. Pollok

Founder, President and CEO, Propagenix Inc. and Founder, Neoantigenics


Brian A. Pollok served as entrepreneur-in-residence for U.Va. Innovation at the University of Virginia, mentoring faculty and staff on commercialization strategies for University research. Pollok also consults for several biotechnology companies and organizations nationally and internationally, including serving as a board member/adviser to Horizon Discovery Ltd., the Virginia Biotechnology Association and U.Va.’s Licensing & Ventures Group.

Pollok has 27 years of career experience in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology arena. He previously held a tenure-track faculty position at Wake Forest University Medical Center and served as a senior research investigator with Pfizer and vice president of discovery biology at Aurora Biosciences/Vertex Pharmaceuticals. Pollok co-founded Ansata Therapeutics, a biologics therapeutic company in La Jolla, Calif. 

He has held significant organizational leadership positions, serving first at Invitrogen/Life Technologies (Carlsbad, Calif.) as chief scientific officer and head of global research and development, and most recently as president of ATCC (Manassas, Va.).

Pollok’s most notable scientific contributions are as an inventor of multiple assay technologies, including Z'-Lyte™, a protein kinase assay method that has produced more than $60 million in revenue and was used to develop Roche’s Vemurafenib®, the frontline therapy for malignant melanoma. He also was the founding program leader for the drug RG-3039, a first-in-class drug for spinal muscular atrophy currently in Phase II clinical development by Pfizer.

Ph.D., Molecular and Cellular Biology, University of Alabama at Birmingham; B.A., Biology and Chemistry, University of Virginia