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PitchBook-Certified: UVA Recognized For Producing Future Entrepreneurs

Platform ranks colleges by its startup founders

November 1, 2022


LVG Communications

Some universities have a truly exceptional track record of producing future entrepreneurs, and according to one of the most renowned data and research platforms, the University of Virginia is one of them.

In the latest rankings put out by PitchBook, UVA ranks No. 1 in the world among public institutions that have more than 15,000 students and less than 30,000 for the number of startups founded by baccalaureate graduates.

Overall, UVA is No. 29 in the world in the number of startups founded by baccalaureate graduates.

PitchBook's rankings compare schools by tallying up the number of alumni entrepreneurs who have founded venture capital-backed companies. The undergraduate and graduate rankings are powered by PitchBook data and are based on an analysis of more than 144,000 VC-backed founders.

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