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UVA LVG Seed Fund Experiential Learning Course Called “Best Class at Darden” via Student Survey

The UVA LVG Seed Fund recently concluded its second year of Due Diligence in Seed Funds, an elective course in the entrepreneurship, innovation, and strategy discipline of Darden's MBA curriculum. The course offered eleven second-year Darden students’ exposure to the operations of the UVA LVG Seed Fund, and the opportunity to learn about venture capital from experts in the field.

Led by Bob Creeden, Managing Director of the UVA LVG Seed Fund & New Ventures at LVG, the course is available to second-year business students interested in venture capital. Using real examples from the Fund’s pipeline, Creeden teaches an industry proven due diligence process to assess the viability of investments under consideration.

In a class review at the end of the year, one student commented on what he liked most about the course: “The hands-on experience of conducting due diligence in a real-life fund. The work we were doing each week was meaningful, and the decisions we helped make had real consequences.” 

Another said, “This might be the best class at Darden. It [the course] made me synthesize everything I learned at Darden into one class… I came away from this experience so much more prepared for the working world and pursuing my professional goals.”

On Wednesday evenings, the students filled the LVG conference room to discuss company evaluations and sit in on pitches to the Fund. They were also invited to participate in conversations with the UVA LVG Seed Fund Committee comprised of five UVA alum who are all leaders in early-stage investing and startup development.

“The students this year, as in the past, have provided significant value to our diligence and support of the UVA LVG Seed Fund portfolio,” says Creeden. “We look forward to fostering our mutually beneficial relationship with Darden and continuing to offer this course on an annual basis.”

The 2017/2018 school year was the first time the course was available as a yearlong offering and will continue with a new group of students starting the course in August.