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ATCC-U.Va. Collaboration to Foster Biotech Discovery

ATCC,the premier biological materials resource and standards organization, and the University of Virginia, the commonwealth's flagship research
university, have announced an innovative partnership to fund postdoctoral research in the biosciences.

Launching today, the agreement leverages the leading biomedical sciences and biotechnology capabilities of both institutions to offer high-quality training and opportunities for postdoctoral fellows. As part of the partnership, ATCC will award full financial support to selected fellows to develop technologies and tools relevant to cell biology, microbiology and genomics research.

"This agreement exemplifies our commitment to support translational research by sponsoring a unique partnership with U.Va.," said Brian A. Pollok, president of ATCC. "Through this fellowship program, our institutions will together provide postdoctoral fellows with the opportunity to work at the interface between academic and industrial R&D."

The partnership will fund six, two-year postdoctoral fellowships, with the first three fellowships beginning this summer. Fellows will spend a minimum of nine months initiating their research projects at U.Va. facilities and then devote up to 15 months at ATCC's laboratories to complete their work. A primary outcome for these fellowships will be the application of novel technology to create desired tools for life scientists and to publish on the associated results.

"Through this strategic partnership with ATCC, we are able to provide U.Va. researchers with incredibly valuable training – in industry as well as the academic setting – that will serve them throughout their careers," said W. Mark Crowell, executive director of U.Va. Innovationand associate vice president for research at U.Va. "The University is proud to partner with one of Virginia's largest biotechnology companies to provide excellent opportunities to our fellows and to foster discovery and new-product development in this important space."

"Virginia's biotechnology and life sciences sector is growing and we believe these industries can help drive the Commonwealth's economy in the future," Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling said. "With our concerted efforts in bolstering collaboration between our universities and the private sector, ATCC and University of Virginia's new partnership is welcome news. Biotechnology and life sciences are a perfect fit for Virginia, as our state boasts a world-class network of health care facilities, academic research facilities and pharmaceutical companies. I congratulate ATCC and U.Va. on this venture and have every confidence in its ability to further advance Virginia in the biotechnology and life sciences sector."

Fellowship candidates will submit research proposals in accordance with the request for proposals (PDF)developed by an oversight committee comprising an equal number of representatives from U.Va. and ATCC. Selected fellows will have two sponsors, a faculty member from U.Va. and an ATCC staff scientist, who will jointly direct and advise the fellow for the duration of the research project.

For more information and to apply, click here.