Taking the 'Me' Out of Diabetes Management

In healthy children and adults, the pancreas is constantly working to produce enough insulin to keep the body’s blood sugar levels in check. In people with Type 1 diabetes, however, the pancreas fails to deliver, instead leaving these patients to wor...


Straightening Out Memory Chip Design

Today’s microprocessing chips employ up to 4 billion transistors, allowing our computers, smartphones and other devices to run faster, store more data, be smaller and cost less than ever before. But what if this is “it” — that is, what if today’s dev...


2011 Annual Report Online

The University of Virginia Patent Foundation's 2011 annual report is now available online: To view the full annual report, download the PDF. To read this year's editorial features, browse the "2011 Annual Report" links to the lower left. To requ...

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