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Making Waves: Ceres' Technology Included in Newly Launched Promega Purification System

'Unique' tech enables concentration of microbes from wastewater

Jan. 25, 2023


Business Wire

MADISON, Wis. -- Wastewater testing labs can now scale up their infectious disease surveillance using two reliable technologies in a single kit. The new system released by Promega Corporation pairs the company’s Maxwell® HT chemistry with Ceres Nanosciences’ Nanotrap® particles, an established technology for capturing and concentrating low-abundance analytes such as viral particles. Together, these technologies empower labs to purify pathogen nucleic acids from wastewater samples in high-throughput workflows.

“Ceres has a technology that enables concentration of microbes from wastewater that is unique to the market,” says Brandon Krueger, Promega Field Support Scientist, “so it worked quite well for Promega and Ceres to join together to make this a better process overall for wastewater testing labs.”

The new system joins a growing Promega portfolio of technologies used for wastewater-based epidemiology, including multiple workflows for purification and amplification of viral nucleic acids.

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