Licensing & Ventures Group

LVG Seed Fund Process

Our evaluation of investment opportunities follows an industry-proven diligence process that begins with our online application.

The timeline varies on a case-by-case basis and can take up to 9 months to reach an investment decision.

Companies eligible to receive funding from the UVA LVG Seed Fund include:

  • Companies founded to commercialize UVA intellectual property
  • Companies founded by current UVA faculty, staff, students, and iLab companies
  • In certain cases, alumni-founded companies may be considered

Seed Fund Timeline

  1. Application. Submit an application on our website that includes your company pitch deck.
  2. Initial Meeting. Our team will schedule an initial meeting within one to two weeks after receiving an application. All relevant parties should attend to discuss the company, funding needs, and present the pitch deck.
  3. Diligence. The LVG Seed Fund practices an industry-proven diligence process to assess the commercialization viability of each opportunity which typically spans three to nine months.
  4. Investment Decision. Viable opportunities are presented to our investment committee for a decision to commit or defer on investment.
  5. Management. An investment is the beginning of a supportive relationship between the LVG Seed Fund and its portfolio companies. We monitor progress through a board seat and work with the company to seek external co-investment from industry partners. We can identify talent and make connections to mentors through the larger UVA LVG network to further steward the company toward success in the market.

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