The Asymmetric Crowd: The power of the many comes from the few

Date: Mar 21, 2012
Time: 1:00PM
Location: Webinar

The National Council of Entrepreneurial Tech Transfer presents a webinar focused on the impact of social media on community funding led by Kevin Lawton, contributor for VentureBeat, HuffingtonPost and SeekingAlpha and author of The Crowdfunding Revolution/Social Netwroking meets Venture Financing. The free, 90-minute webinar, part of a series, will feature a 60-minute presentation and 30 minutes of Q&A via a chatbox.

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About Kevin Lawton:

A Progenitor of PC Virtualization, Kevin Lawton’s experience in business and technology has made him a trend-maker in the Crowdfunding and StartUp industry.  Kevin holds a B.A. in Computer Science from the State University of New York at Oswego and catapulted his career at MIT Lincoln Laboratory in space-based radar and satellite communication.

He is a serial startup entrepreneur and has founded and lead various startups and open source projects.  He is the author of the book: The Crowdfunding Revolution l Social Networking meets Venture Financing and is a contributor for VentureBeat, Huffington Post and Seeking Alpha.  He is a visionary when it comes to the topics that intersect between business and technology, which he has demonstrated well during his engagements as a speaker in various events.