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U.Va. Cancer Center to Partner with Virginia-Based Companies to Improve Care

To speed the development of and access to breakthrough cancer treatments for Virginians, the University of Virginia Cancer Center
is seeking Virginia-based companies to partner with U.Va. cancer
researchers and apply for funding through the U.Va. Cancer Center
Technology Partnership Initiative.

The initiative’s goal is to improve cancer care either by helping
U.Va. cancer researchers turn their discoveries into new treatments or
spark new treatment breakthroughs by teaming researchers with Virginia
technology or biotechnology companies. Interested Virginia based
companies seeking an opportunity to partner with U.Va. researchers are
encouraged to apply.

"U.Va. is dedicated to advancing discovery through collaborations
with local industry," says W. Mark Crowell, executive director of U.Va. Innovation and associate vice president for research at U.Va.

Forming partnerships of Virginia companies and researchers could not
only give state residents quicker access to new treatments, it could
also create new job opportunities within the state, says Michael J.
Weber, Director of the U.Va. Cancer Center.

“By keeping the research and development in Virginia, we will be able
to have a significant impact on the health both of our people and our
economy,” he says.

Up to five partnerships are planned to be funded and awards will
likely range from $50,000 to $150,000. Letters of intent are due to the
U.Va. Cancer Center by April 1, and full applications are due by May 15.
For more information on how to apply and for additional details on the
program, please visit the application website.