More than 50 active companies nationwide are advancing UVA discoveries to the public.

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Adenosine Therapeutics, LLC

Adenosine Therapeutics (ATL), located in Charlottesville, VA, is a drug discovery and development company that was co-founded in 1999 by Uni... Read More

Phone: (434) 260-0191

ADial Pharmaceuticals, LLC

ADial Pharmaceuticals is a privately held biopharmaceutical company focused on the discovery and development of products for the treatment o... Read More

Phone: (434) 422-9800

Adult Medical Predictive Devices & Diagnostics Displays (AMP3D)

AMP3D analyzes big data and predict potentially catastrophic illness: SaaS platform makes sense of “Big Data” in health care in real time.Im... Read More



Using a unique platform technology to develop biotech solutions for crop protection and other agricultural/industrial applications. UVA Foun... Read More


Attention Point

Attention Point is a health information technology company dedicated to improving the diagnosis of neurobehavioral health disorders. The com... Read More

Phone: (877) 983-9998

Avir Sensors, LLC

Avir Sensors is a leading manufacturer of hazardous gas detection equipment for homeland security, industry, and the military headquartered ... Read More

Phone: (434) 973-1450

BeHealth Solutions, LLC

BeHealth Solutions provides software solutions and services to improve the scientific research process and eHealth programs that increase th... Read More

Phone: (434) 422-9090


BrightSpec is a spectroscopy instrumentation and laboratory services company founded in Charlottesville, VA in the Fall of 2012. The 2,700 s... Read More

Phone: (434) 202-2391


Cavion (formerly Tau Therapeutics LLC) is a clinical stage pharmaceutical company committed to providing patients with therapies for neurolo... Read More

Phone: (434) 200-8442

Cellular Materials International Inc.

Cellular Materials International Inc. offers structures that are lightweight and multi-functional in a variety of designs and materials. The... Read More

Phone: (434) 296-7989


Cerillo, LLC, is a laboratory instrument company founded in April of 2016 by UVA Professors Jason Papin and Erik Hewlett and UVA biomedical ... Read More



Contraline, a male contraceptive company has created a polymer solution called Echo-V that he hopes will finally lead to contraceptive equal... Read More

Phone: (347) 327-3676

Directed Vapor Technologies International Inc.

Realizing the potential of directed vapor deposition, DVTI is developing advanced coating solutions and novel coating deposition systems. DV... Read More

Phone: (434) 977-1405

Dominion Microprobes Inc.

Dominion MicroProbes Inc. (DMPI) designs and manufactures millimeter and sub-millimeter wavelength on-wafer ground-signal ground probes and ... Read More

Phone: (434) 214-0764

Ear Jellies

Heat softened viscoelastic silicone earplugs.... Read More


EpiEP Inc.

EpiEP Inc. has taken advantage of the knowledge and experience of global thought leaders in the field of cardiac arrhythmias to develop its ... Read More

Phone: (203) 776-0112

Gene Solutions, LLC

Gene Solutions develops diagnosis and treatment of neurologic conditions such as Parkinson’s disease based on identification of mitochondria... Read More

Phone: (781) 281-2706

HemoShear Therapeutics

HemoShear works with pharmaceutical companies to identify and validate new drug targets and to de-risk drug discovery and development decisi... Read More

Phone: (434) 872-0196

HemoSonics, LLC

HemoSonics is a medical device company founded to develop and bring to market innovative diagnostics to quantify and characterize the hemost... Read More

Phone: (434) 202-1032

HKL Research Inc.

HKL Research Inc. provides high quality software and hardware solutions for X-ray crystallography laboratories and synchrotron beam lines. I... Read More

Phone: (434) 979-5569

HypoGen Inc.

Hypogen Inc. is a biopharmaceutical company focused on the development of novel diagnostic tests and new therapeutics for essential hyperten... Read More

Phone: (434) 466-1131

Indoor Biotechnologies Inc.

Indoor Biotechnologies manufactures purified natural and recombinant allergens for research use and for development of allergy diagnostics a... Read More

Phone: (434) 984 2304

InSpark Technologies, Inc.

InSpark is developing software tools that analyze blood glucose and other data to provide feedback to people with diabetes when they need it... Read More

IO Education

Founded at the University of Virginia’s Curry School of Education, CaseNEX, now known as IO Education, supports educators through an online,... Read More

Phone: 866.817.0726

iTi Health Inc.

iTi is an acronym for “identify target image,” which describes the company’s core ability to identify high‐value biomarkers of dise... Read More

LifeGait, Inc.

LifeGait, formerly known as Biomotion Analytics, was incorporated in November of 2015 to leverage the Internet of Things, big data and its p... Read More

Phone: 910-541-4248


MadiDrop PBC is tackling the global health crisis that is caused by contaminated drinking water. Working with humanitarian, relief and missi... Read More

Phone: (434) 260-3767 Ext 106

Medical Automation Systems (acquired by Alere Informatics Inc.)

Medical Automation is an independent champion of effective, efficient and equitable health care. It promotes the intersection of parallel re... Read More

Medical Predictive Science Corp.

Medical Predictive Science Corp. is engaged in the development of computational diagnostic and bioinformatic technologies for the health car... Read More

Phone: (800) 394-1625

MicroLab Inc. (Acquired by MicroGEM)

MicroLab is creating truly integrated microfluidic technology that revolutionizes DNA analysis for forensic markets. Using a non-solid phase... Read More

Mission Secure, Inc.

Our mission is to help keep critical, physical systems used by the Defense, Energy and Transportation industries working during a cyber atta... Read More

Phone: (434) 284-8071

OcuCure Therapeutics Inc.

OcuCure Therapeutics, Inc. is an ophthalmic pharmaceutical company developing new proprietary drugs. The company’s lead compound has been fo... Read More

Phone: (540) 344-1106

PhosImmune Inc. (acquired by Agenus)

PhosImmune, Inc. is a cancer immunnotherapy company which was founded to commercialize a library of phosphopeptide tumor targets (PTTs) disc... Read More

Phthisis Diagnostics (acquired by Microbiologics)

Phthisis (Tye-sis) Diagnostics is a rapidly growing biotechnology company developing the Simply Molecular® product catalog, with a range of ... Read More

PluroGen Therapeutics Inc.

PluroGen Therapeutics, Inc. is a burn, wound, and skin care company providing clinically advanced and superior  products from its multiple p... Read More

Phone: (610) 539-3670

PocketSonics Inc. (Acquired by Analogic Corporation)

At PocketSonics, the engineering approach challenges the limitations of traditional ultrasound technology and has brought forth innovations ... Read More

PorA Pharmaceuticals, LLC

PorA Pharmaceuticals is developing breakthrough pharmaceuticals to meet the antibiotic challenge. The lead compound is amixicile, a systemic... Read More

Privaris Inc.

Privaris was acquired by Apple in June 2015 Privaris’ hardware and software products apply the power and security of fingerprint biometrics ... Read More

Project Implicit Inc.

Project Implicit investigates thoughts and feelings that exist outside of conscious awareness or conscious control. UVA Founders: Brian Nos... Read More


PsiKick, Inc.

PsiKick develops next generation Ultra-Low-Power wireless sensing devices– the lowest-power sensing devices in the world. Fully integrated a... Read More

Phone: (434) 987-1090

RetiVue, LLC

RetiVue, LLC is an early-stage medical technology and services company founded in 2011 to bring to market novel retinal camera technology de... Read More

Phone: (617) 957-8880

Rivanna Medical, LLC

Based in Charlottesville, Virginia, RIVANNA Medical is a privately held medical technology company that is commercializing its initial produ... Read More

Phone: (800) 645-7508

SoundPipe Therapeutics, LLC

Founded in 2013, SoundPipe is a medical device startup developing novel ultrasound technologies to enhance drug delivery.... Read More

SpermCheck (ContraVac Inc.)

ContraVac develops products for male reproductive healthcare in cooperation with the Center for Research in Contraceptive and Reproductive H... Read More

Phone: (434) 984-9723

TypeZero Technologies, LLC

Diabetes comprises one of the single largest sources of human suffering and economic burden to healthcare systems worldwide. We believe that... Read More

Phone: (434) 284-8919

Teachstone Training, LLC

Teachstone’s mission is to support teaching and learning through proven, evidence-based education programs, including the Classroom Assessme... Read More

Phone: (434) 293-3909

TearSolutions, LLC

TearSolutions has developed a proprietary synthetic fragment of lacritin, ‘Lacripep’.  Lacripep is water soluble, stable in human tears for ... Read More


TeGrex Technologies (acquired by MicroGem)

The 'pinwheel effect' was discovered in 2009 as a unique phenomenon occurring between nucleic acids and magnetic particles exposed to a rota... Read More

Phone: 805-500-8479

The Epsilon Group

The Epsilon Group (TEG) is a modeling, analytics, and simulation services company committed to improving the understanding and management of... Read More

Phone: (434) 923-6092


ThinTherm LLC (ThinTherm) is an engineering firm that seeks to address optical and thermal characterization and testing concerns through our... Read More

Vibratess Inc.

The Vibratess terahertz (THz) spectroscopy system provides an important novel and accurate technique to characterize biological materials at... Read More

Phone: (434) 296-2400

Virginia Diodes Inc.

Virginia Diodes Inc. designs, manufactures and sells millimeter wave and terahertz devices, component, and systems. The company’s mission is... Read More

Phone: (434) 297-3257


VLNComm is developing a new technology for indoor wireless networking called Visible Light Communication (VLC) which uses LED bulbs to provi... Read More

Phone: (202) 656-4865

WellAware Systems Inc.

WellAWARE Systems develops next-generation wellness monitoring solutions for the full continuum of senior care, including Home Health, Indep... Read More

Phone: (804) 249-2149

Xdynia LLC (acquired by Cavion)

Xdynia is a startup pharmaceutical company based in Charlottesville, Virginia. The firm's compounds are based on the work of Tim Macdonald, ... Read More


Stereotaxis develops treatment of cardiac arrhythmias and other cardiovascular interventions. It aims to make complex cardiac interventions ... Read More

Phone: 866-646-2346